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TImberline Murals

At GOA, we love it when the arts and the outdoors come together in timeless fashion. Oregonian writer Larry Bingham took a look this week into the life and work of Douglas Lynch, the Portland artist who created the outstanding murals at Timberline Lodge. The story and photos are here.

One of the things that struck us most about the story is how, during the recovery plans from the Great Depression, jobs were included for writers and artists.

It’s just kind of interesting to think there was a time when those sorts of things were thought of as important, ya know?

Douglas Lynch Mural


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Summer Programs Announced!

GOA is very pleased to announce our Summer 09 expedition schedule. There’s some new stuff, some old faves, and some new stuff added to an old fave.

So take a look, see what strikes you and let us know if you’d like to apply!


Willamette Canoe Expedition
June 15-18

GOA has again partnered with Willamette Riverkeeper to bring you four exciting days of floating, exploration, photography and journaling our way down the historic Willamette. We’ll spend three nights camping along the riverbank, observing the fascinating wildlife and ecosystem of the mighty Willamette. Included is a half-day of pre-trip training, including a swimming and tip test.
$250 $50 deposit

Seeking the Last Wild Buffalo
July 6-10
On this new expedition, we will be exploring Southern Utah’s remote Henry Mountains, home of the last wild herd of buffalo in the world, and with any luck we’ll get a sighting of these magnificent creatures. You will also learn backpacking, primitive camping, and fire-making skills.
Leave and return to Salt Lake City.
$500 $100 deposit

High Cascades Oregon
July 20-24
Join us as we travel through the scenic wilds of Central Oregon, hiking, climbing, and telling the story of what we discover on this adventure. This five-day expedition will start in Portland and loop down through the Three Sisters Wilderness, over to rock- climbing mecca Smith Rock State Park, then up to the Deschutes river canyon, returning to Portland along the Columbia River.

Enrollment is limited to youth in DHS care. If interested, please inquire with Oregon office.

Olympic Coastal Backpack
August 3-8
Hike Washington’s stunning coastline, explore tide pools while eagles soar overhead, and climb rope ladders up into to the pristine Pacific Rainforest. This year we’re adding a two -day backpack over high passes in the nearby Olympic Range, as well as a service project for the National Park Service.
$400 $50 deposit

Two Wheels of Freedom
August 17-21
Join us for a van-supported supported adventure by bicycle in Central Idaho. We’re still putting the details together, but if you like biking and the outdoors, this will be a great expedition for you.
Must bring or rent your own bicycle equipped for on-road travel, or arrange with us early to borrow one. Helmet rules strictly enforced.
$450 $50 deposit

Schedule and availability subject to change without notice. And stuff.

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As noted by the Oregonian earlier this week, the Senate–in a rare Sunday session–moved to preserve 125,000 Acres on and around Mt. Hood as designated wilderness.

We here at GOA think this is great news. Mt. Hood is a magnificent treasure, and it should be kept as pristine as possible. Lots of folks use the mountain for many different things–as well they should–but ensuring that such a large chunk of it will remain as nature made it is just a great idea all the way around.

Here’s to a lifetime of enjoying the quiet places that will now remain on this majestic mountain.

mount hood

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85 Years and Climbing

We were quite taken with this fellow Northwesterner, and will be very happy indeed if we can still do the things we love to do outdoors at anywhere near his age.

Watch this amazing video!

Membership may be required, but you should probably have a membership to the New York Times anyway, shouldn’t you, smarty pants?

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