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The River Song

And now, ladies and gentlemen, the world-wide debut of “The River Song” as composed by Edie (aka Fred) and performed by the GOA Players last June on the Willamette Canoe expedition. Enjoy!

The River S-o-o-o-ong


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Ready For The White Stuff?

I think this would look great on your head!

"Hey, come here for a second..."

It’s looking very much like there’s going to be lows in the teens and the possibility of snow in Portland this weekend! While the Utah contingent in the GOA offices has greeted this news with eye-rolls and barely-stifled yawns, the locals seem to be pretty excited. When it’s all said and done, though, we’ll all take any break from the rain-drone we can get.

So if the flakes should fly, make the best of it while it lasts! Get out there and make some snow peeps, (or maybe even that whole snow-entourage you’ve been dreaming of), pelt someone in the back of their fool noggin with a (nice, fluffy) snowball, build an icy fortress of solitude–whatever, just so you get out and do what you can to enjoy this rare opportunity.

We got up on the mountain yesterday and stomped around in the snow with YEI and had ourselves a blast. Great group, great kids, great times!

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